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Entitled Tangent


Am I the only one who has noticed more and more people feeling entitled?

No, things should not just be handed over to you on a silver platter, ass. Work for the shit you want. I know that people struggle and become homeless every day, I am not talking about those people. I’m not even talking about all the people on welfare. I’m talking about those people who don’t break a sweat and still expect it to rain gold. The people who have never worked hard for anything.

Have you spoken with any youth lately? Demanding iphones, ipads, electronics of all sorts. Expecting cars to be given to them, clothes and shoes of the latest name brand.

Can we please try to teach our youth to work hard and have good work ethic. To be professional and kind. To treat people with respect and with that earning respect in return. Respect is another tangent all together. People are forgetting to learn even the littlest things, phone numbers, addresses, how to spell and use punctuation…ya know, the little things.

Do our future a favor and stop encouraging this kind of behavior.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage

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