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Episode 6: Hootchie for Tucci



This episode is labeled so out of the love of Stanley Tucci. Here is a nice little article, others agree, here is proof:

Here is the jean commercial Stanley did…

Although this show is super Hootchie for Tucci, it is also dedicated to Ryan Horton. Ryan passed away way before his time, luckily for those who love him, he left behind his art. You can hear his music here

If you want to see the movie, The Boy Next Door w/ Hector, here’s how: Go to the Hector’s facebook page The Big Gay Mexican and ask Hector to see the movie with you (if you are in the Twin Cities area) Also, if you tell him he’s pretty…you’re in for life. Wink. Go get’em tigers.

If you ask Hector out on a date, you can get a +2 in life for the week..if you want to know about the website I was talking about, see below. * Side Note: There may be more sites just like this one that you can use.

Lastly, if you share my love of books you can follow the blog my sisters and I share at



Stacy Schultz – The Street Sage

Hector Chavarria – Big Gay Mexican

Earl – Matthew Earley


Lyrics by: Dan Dukich & Brandi Ridlon

Music by: Dan Dukich & Skyler Nowinski

Vocals by: Charlotte Calvert


Matthew Earley

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