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  1. Great site! Travon Martin, Eric garner, Michael brown, Tamil rice, Jamar Clark, Freddie gray, Walter Scott, Lawuan McDonald. All black men who died under very tragic circumstances. Does anyone really think they are ALL race related? All of the above had more to do with bad police work and testosterone then it did race. With the exception of Walter Scott – and some more than others – but EACH of the above black men contributed to their OWN untimely death.

  2. My parents were both US citizens. Being that they were musicians and couldn’t afford health insurance they hopped the border and had me there because it was cheaper. Which throws a wrench into the carborater.

    Which oddly ties into the health insurance subject from the show. Except Obamacare didn’t exist in the 80s.

    And yes I have dual citizenship.

  3. We have a constitutional right to own a gun, to buy alcohol, but not to receive an education.
    In addition Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, most of Europe, and Canada all have a constitutional or statutory guarantee to the right to an education. Incidentally, they all rank ahead of the US in overall educational performance.
    The 10th Amendment puts the responsibility of public education on the states and leans on the 14th Amendment to ensure it’s fairness but the Constitution does not address education at all.
    In the past, there haven’t been many attempts to add it, either. We already have federal and state standards for education, but I think just knowing that it isn’t specifically stated in the document that carries our fundamental principals of a nation, is disturbing and sad. What do you think?

    • Janet,

      Thank you for SPEAKING OUT, I agree with you that education should be a part of our Constitution. I also think that it may not be a bad idea to give our Constitution a bit of a reboot. We need to keep the structure on which our nation was founded, however, we need to make sure that it is fulfilling the needs of the people in today’s society. One thing that is lacking in the United States today is a good education system that works. How can politics work in our system? It’s clear that we can’t keep politics out, but how can we make it work?

      This is an issue we need to work out as a nation, and it starts with us.
      That’s just my opinion.

      The Street Sage

  4. What’s up sage crew. First time listener first time speaking out. I have an issue in my life that needs to be addressed. I figured you would be able to shed some light on the situation since you seem to be highly enlightened people. Some backstory: So I have lived in Minnesota 97% of my life. Went to school here, worked here, and partied here. The 3% of my life I wasn’t residing in mn, was when I was birthed in a hospital and residing there until I was moved to a hospital in Minnesota. That Hospital was in Fort Frances, Ontario. Because of this everyone refers to me as Canadien not Minnesotan. So here’s the 2 part question…

    If I was born in Canada but have spent my entire life in Minnesota am I really a Canadien?

    Do Canadiens really have to keep apologizing for Justin Bieber when the U.S. Shat out Miley Cyrus?

    • Darren,

      We talked about your comment on Episode 5 of the podcast, check it out. But don’t worry, we don’t think you need to apologize for Bieber, it’s Ushers fault.

      That’s just my opinion.
      Street Sage