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Business with Pleasure


Dear Street Sage,

I am in my mid twenties, I have a life long desire to own my own company, I’m gay and I am in lust with the man I would like to run a business with. Can I have my man and business too? I haven’t told him that I like him as more than a friend and I also have not told him we should do business together…I guess I’m just lost in lust. I think I’m in friend zone to top it off. What should I do?

Business Man

Dear Business Man,

Running a business is very tricky, running it with a friend, lover, partner etc. gets even trickier. It’s not impossible, it all depends on who you are and who he is and what kind of business you run. But lets take things slow…

Step 1: Tell the guy you like him. You need to find out if you are stressing over nothing. Maybe he put you in friend zone because he thinks you are not an option for him. Or maybe you put your self in friend zone…Either way, you need to find out.

Step 1 A: If he likes you too, work on the relationship for a while before you decided to start a business together, you don’t want to jump in to two relationships at the same time, that never works for anyone.

Step 1 B: If he wants to be friends only, it is your job to not make it awkward and find a way to keep the friendship. Wait long enough to know your friendship is still solid, then talk business.

Once your feelings have been figured out then you can focus on the business side of things. You can not start a business with someone you have secret feelings for. Do not make up a romantic relationship in your head, read into things that aren’t there, hope that if business things go well then maybe one day…. No. Stop it. Put the business side of things away for now, you are young enough to find another person to go into business with if need be. Follow your heart first.

That’s just my opinion.

The Street Sage

Bitch at Work

Dear Street Sage
There’s this bitch at work who I cannot stand.  She’s never done anything to me personally, I just hate everything about her.  Every time she opens her mouth, I want to slap the face right off her stupid head.  I’m afraid one of these days I’m going to do or say something I’ll seriously regret.  But seriously – 5 minutes with her and you’d wanna cut a bitch, too! What do I do so I don’t lose my job? Or go to jail.
Dear M.M.
Calm it down. This annoying bitch at work is definitely not worth losing your job or going to jail. Do you know anything about her personal life? Maybe she is really annoying because the rest of her life sucks…or maybe she is that bad. Either way, you should find out what makes her tick. There is something to be said about the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.
If you find out that her personal life is in shambles maybe it would
A. Give you sympathy for her
B. Let you judge her even more
C. Give you something to use against her OR
D. Maybe you find out you don’t hate her so much after all
You say she has never done anything to you personally so I imagine she maybe has an annoying voice, or everything she says is rude or condescending. She may even be some sort of competition for you.  Maybe you need to check yourself on a few things too.
That’s just my opinion.
– Street Sage




Dear Street Sage,

I am about to turn 30, most of my friends are married with kids in the future. All I want is to date someone who isn’t married or divorced, doesn’t have kids but does have a job. Is this to much to ask for at my age?

– Feeling Old

Dear Feeling Old,

Stop it. 30 now is not 30 like it ever was before. In today’s world, we get married later in life. Women used to put careers on hold to have families, not now. Yes, it is discouraging, especially if you are wanting babies. Stop dating married men if you want a commitment, stop dating guys with kids if you don’t want them to have kids. A man with a job is always sexier than one without. As far as divorced… don’t hate on a man because he tried a commitment that didn’t work. Find out the reason behind the divorce first.

Think of your own baggage? Naturally, as we get older, we carry more and more baggage. It’ll be a rare thing at 30 if you find someone with zero baggage. You need to find someone who’s baggage fits with yours. It’s not impossible.

To officially answer your question: No, it is not to much to ask for. It’s ok to have standards, but try being open to the past of others. The more open you are to different types of people, the more likely you are to find someone who’s baggage fits with yours.

That’s just my opinion.

– Street Sage