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Crawl In a Hole and Die


People die every day and in every kind of way. People get murdered, raped, robbed. They get beat up, fired and harassed. It’s tragic and scary when children get shot up at school and when some children go missing.


People live every day and in every kind of way. People fall in love, make love and give to others. They stand up for what they believe in and succeed against all odds. Children go to school to learn and play with their friends.


That even though there are terrors in the world, there is also much more good to counter. People are so use to living in fear that they forget all the good. People are generally good. Play with your neighbors, build a community, don’t be afraid of the unknown person. We as a collective of human beings need to remember that we are the majority and that the 1% would crumble if we all realized what that power means.

We need to find that thing that ponds us all as a team. I’m open for suggestions. Let’s cause a revolution or crawl in a whole and die.


That’s just my opinion.

You’re Welcome


There are several ways that YOU can participate with The Street Sage….

1) SPEAK OUT – If there is something you want to talk about; serious, political, silly, unbelievable, heart warming, something that inspires social change, literally anything that you are passionate about, go to the SPEAK OUT tab on the site and tell me all about it. Some of these topics may end up on the podcast or as a post! You could possibly be a guest on the show!

B) ADVICE COLUMN – If you want some advice from a friend not in your friend circle, go to the left side of the site and type in a question. Your question may end up on the site or talked about on the podcast. Lets hear it folks.

3) PODCAST – Listen to the podcast, share it if you love it. Please ask questions or tell me what you wanna talk about. Keep it coming party people.

I want to give everyone a voice, so let me hear it people.




Pilot “Figuring It Out”


This is the pilot episode of our podcast, I hope you enjoy the first one as much as we do.


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