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Relationship Tangent


There are many kinds of relationships: emotional, friendly, physical, sexual, unhealthy, professional, open, faithful, monogamist, confusing…etc..

How many categories can you fit in? Sometimes you can get a good combo platter going. Ya know, open relationships are hard, but they work for some people. You find out pretty quick if you are one of those people, but be careful because you might not think you are then something slips and all of a sudden you are that person  you thought was so terrible before.

We can not judge what works for someone else. There are religions and cultures that embrace marriages with more than one person. This works for them, who am I to judge. There are people who date married people and justify it. There are men and women who marry as a cover so they can date the same sex and not have people bothering them. There are people who just have sex with as many people as possible. Some people go from one abusive relationship to the next and some people can only figure out friendship.

It’s important to remember not to hurt anyone. It doesn’t matter the type of relationship, as long as there is respect. Always be open and honest about what type of relationship you’re in. Be on the same page, always, it’s only fair.

Oh, and don’t forget about yourself. Are you happy? If you are not happy in any relationship, leave. You can’t save anyone, you need to make yourself happy above anything else. Obviously there are circumstances involving children, that’s a whole new tangent. Make, Yourself. Happy. It’s the relationship with yourself that lasts a life time.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage

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