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Tired Worker


Dear Street Sage-

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am a good worker. I’m on time, I work hard, I encourage my co workers, but I have had no promotions. How do I make my employers see me in a different light. I need to move up or out!

-Tired Worker

Dear Tired Worker-

After reading your question these are the questions that pop into my head…

1) Have you told your employers that you want to move up in your company?

2) Do you have all the necessary qualifications to move up? (whatever that might mean, degree, # years of experience, etc)

3) Is there an open position? If there is, is it a job you apply for or get picked for?

Ok, after all those generall questions, that should make you think too. What you need to do is speak up for yourself, someone who wants to move up to higher positions should not be afraid to advocate for themselves. Make sure there is no doubt in the mind of whomever is in charge, that you want to step it up. In fact, be persistent, If you get passes up for the next step up, ask your supervisor/employer/boss to have a sit down with you. Ask them why you didn’t get chosen and how you can improve to make it to the next level. That would show that you are willing to admit you are not perfect and that you are willing to grow.

Don’t secretly be mad about getting passed up, make sure they know you’re in it to be the best and excel in whatever tasks they throw your way. They can’t promote you if they don’t think you’re interested.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage


Happy Jobs


Dear Street Sage-

How do you balance doing a job you hate with making the money you need from that job?


Dear B.A.-

One of my favorite sayings is, “You will do anything until you can’t anymore”. It is true that we often work jobs because we HAVE to not because we WANT to. I suggest in your spare time you look for another job that can make you happier and still give you the monies you need. I am a firm believer it is not worth the money to hate life every day, for up to eight hours. Maybe you find a job you like that pays you just a little less, worth it. If you really hate your job and you are not looking for a new one, then do not complain. Only you can fix this situation. I know it is another full-time job to find a job, but once you find something better, life in general will be better, worth it.

To reiterate: Having a job you hate is not worth it. Find something better for your life. That’s just my opinion.

– Street Sage