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Hospital Tangent


I get it, lots of people are in a hospital at all times with various needs. But is this really the most efficient way to help the injured, sick and dying? I took a friend to the hospital today and here is how it goes…

– Check in and get a wristband

– Wait

– Answer questions from the same person who gave you a wristband

– Wait

– Triage

– Wait

– Get a room

– Wait

– Nurse 1 enters gets insurance info


– Nurse 2 rolls by with that cart and gathers even more information


– Nurse 3 comes in and tells you all the same things and has you re say all the same things then she tells you she is going to talk to the doctor to make some decisions

– Wait

– Nurse 3 returns with game plan

– Wait

– Doctor (or maybe Nurse 3 again to take some extra tests)



– Nurse 1 is back for…hard to say

– Wait

– Doctor comes to give results and options

– Wait

– Get admitted or get discharge paperwork (may also include prescription you have to find time to fill)

If you have made it all the way to this point I’m sure you feel like you wasted your time, just a little bit. Which is exactly how I felt, but you read this in a min or two and I spent six hours in a hospital today. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it again right now for any one of the people in my life. But…wooooow, My friend got right in because you could see his pain. But what about that sad woman over there who is crying and alone, she also appears to be in a ton of pain. I am grateful the my friend was able to get into the ER as quickly as he did, but why can’t the whole process be that way for everyone?

I’m not a doctor or a nurse so there is more to the story than I know, I’m sure, good thing it’s not a crime to question why things are the way they are.

Never be afraid to question. That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage

Fat Tangent



Being fat, judging fat, hating fat…things fat people and not fat people think about.

Why are fat people hated so much when most people now a days are considered “over weight”. Why can’t we live back in the days when voluptuous women were desired? When all men were big and burly from chopping wood and farming all day, or building shit. The days when you fell for someone based on their personality, the number of pigs they have and how they make you feel. Not like today. Today it’s all about what you look like, what brand of clothes you wear and how big the piggy bank is.

Do you ever wonder why so many people are fat now a days? I mean, how many people can be THAT lazy? There are so many factors in the weight of humanity. Terrible food, for starters. How is it fair that eating healthy is more expensive?

Let’s talk about workaholics…do you think that sitting at a desk all day is good for you? What about everyone who has more than one job to sustain life in this economy. Do you think those people are eating right and getting enough exercise? Probably not.

As people we need to be outside and get fresh air, we need to walk the land and swim in the waters. We need to enjoy life, nature and the people around us. Not just our people, all people. We need to put down our gadgets, play outside, meet our neighbors and be happy.

I truly believe that if we slow life down a little, live simpler and find ways to make ourselves happy then we would be a happy race. I’m talking about the human race. Maybe if we could find out how to be happy we would care less about how other people live their life and the size of their belt. You happy people reading this understand.

To all those FAT people out there who are happy with themselves, ten points, you should be. You should love yourself and be happy with who you area no matter what your size is, If you aren’t happy with your size, lose weight the healthy way. Get off your ass and get outside.

Start with taking a walk outside for a half hour every day.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage




Dear Street Sage, 

I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year and I think he may be cheating on me. I’ve asked him about it and he denies it. But he’s been distant and we’ve been having less sex. I don’t want to become the crazy girlfriend, how can I find out if he is really cheating?

– Confused

Dear Confused,

If you have not ended the relationship at this point you must believe him on some level that he is not cheating. Either that, or you believe he is cheating and you don’t care enough to leave him. There are many different kinds of relationships out there. But if you have not agreed to be in some sort of open relationship, cheating is not OK. It seems to me you need to spell things out very clearly, make him talk to you about what’s going on with him. Is there extra stress at work or within his family? Usually when there is extra stress added to life, sex drive goes down. Maybe he wants to end your relationship and doesn’t know how….


– Wait it out, see if he gets through his slump

– Tell him if he doesn’t talk to you about what’s going on you’ll leave him, hear his response, act accordingly

– End the relationship. If you are not happy, not getting enough sex,  always worried about him cheating and he is not communicating with you then it doesn’t seem to be a very healthy relationship

I am a firm believer that we, as humans, will do anything in life until we can no longer do it. That is just my opinion.

– Street Sage