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CarCast PodCast #1


This is the first ever CarCast PodCast of The Street Sage!

Super excited to share this with you today, prove that anyone can come CHAT with me on my CHAT SHOW!

IMG_0545Faith (left) – Moraa Nyakondo @GirlGoneWonder

Ciru (back) – Who is not on social media 🙂

The Street Sage (right) – Stacy Schultz @TheStreetSage


The CarCast PodCast was created as a way to explore the city and have real conversations at the same time, please give us feedback 🙂

On this episode we are driving around Minneapolis, MN. We eat food at Teppanyaki Grill, it’s a delicious buffet. We drive around Lake of the Isles and had hopes of seeing famous people as we drove past the Supernatural Convention held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Enjoy being silly with us 🙂

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage