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Episode 4: Julabocken



Stacy Schultz – The Street Sage

Hector Chavarria – The Big Gay Mexican

Earl – Matthew Earley

Guest – Jay Terry

Audio Engineer – Matthew Earley




* Sorry, no show note this time, but stay tuned for all the new things in the new year!!!!

Episode 3: Workin’ It (Working Title)






Stacy Schultz – The Street Sage

Hector Chavarria – The Big Gay Mexican

Matthew Earley – Earl, The Dude


Matthew Earley

* Welcome to our Chat Show, that’s right CHAT SHOW. We have decided to not call this a talk show because this show is as unique and different as we are. Plus, it is super fun to say, CHAT SHOW….say it, go ahead, see. I told you.

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* Fat shaming is a thing and should not be ignored, women’s rights in the workforce, reverse racism, insurance laws for women’s bodies…stay tuned for a full post about these topics.


Pointless Protests


There is no such thing as a pointless protest, if you are passionate about what you are protesting. I love that people have banned together. It’s about time people are standing up and speaking out. It’s refreshing. It’s a beautiful and refreshing thing that is helping to restore my faith in humanity. Or it would if I believed you were protesting for the right reasons.

Can we talk for a second about what exactly we are protesting? Police brutality, check. Race inequality, check. I get it. It’s sickening and hurts all the way to my core. It makes me angry, but we will not fix this issue through anger. We need to start showing each other more love. We need to care for one another and be friendly. Lend a helping hand, in fact, help yourself. We need everyone on board to make a point to the people who control us. We need to be protesting big businesses and the government. These are the people who are failing us, what is it about these recent acts of racism and police brutality that are motivating people? This shits been happening for years, am I the only one who wonders why the media is allowing us to be upset about these ones? I wish the death of the 12 year old boy would have motivated people more…or maybe the school shootings, but what do I know. How do we take the power back? We run for office, we vote, we get off our asses and make a difference. The system is failing. When the old system stops working, it’s time to get a new one. Get your shit together people.

Educate yourself. Be better. Do better. Let’s do it together.

That’s just my opinion.