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Episode 5: Rando Mando


* THEME SONG* – Big thank you to Dan Dukich for making this happen!!!



Dan Dukich & Brandi Ridlon


Charlotte Calvert


Dan Dukich & Skyler Nowinski



Stacy Schultz – The Street Sage

Hector Chavarria – The Big Gay Mexican

Matthew Earley – Earl



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Adults are Ruining Our Youth Tangent


Today I went and got my hair cut. As I sat there waiting for my turn, flipping through a few Cosmos and GQ’s, I noticed that the other three adults waiting for their turn were all on their cell phones. The one kid, waiting for a parent, was eating his sucker and watching the world go by out the window.

We got it wrong.

It’s not youth and their technology ruining society, it’s us adults. As adults we are intreguided by technology. It’s new an interesting and makes life easier. Like any behavior, keeping your face in technology at all times is not something that people just do, it’s a learned behavior. If we adults don’t get it together soon and spend a little more time eating suckers and looking at the world go by, we’re going to miss a lot more than that guy who got out of his car in gym shorts and t-shirt and was steaming. Hilarious. But had I been looking at my phone like all the other adults in the room then that kid and I would not have been able to have a laugh together.

I don’t even know that kid, but that moment was worth not having my phone out.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage