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Pointless Protests


There is no such thing as a pointless protest, if you are passionate about what you are protesting. I love that people have banned together. It’s about time people are standing up and speaking out. It’s refreshing. It’s a beautiful and refreshing thing that is helping to restore my faith in humanity. Or it would if I believed you were protesting for the right reasons.

Can we talk for a second about what exactly we are protesting? Police brutality, check. Race inequality, check. I get it. It’s sickening and hurts all the way to my core. It makes me angry, but we will not fix this issue through anger. We need to start showing each other more love. We need to care for one another and be friendly. Lend a helping hand, in fact, help yourself. We need everyone on board to make a point to the people who control us. We need to be protesting big businesses and the government. These are the people who are failing us, what is it about these recent acts of racism and police brutality that are motivating people? This shits been happening for years, am I the only one who wonders why the media is allowing us to be upset about these ones? I wish the death of the 12 year old boy would have motivated people more…or maybe the school shootings, but what do I know. How do we take the power back? We run for office, we vote, we get off our asses and make a difference. The system is failing. When the old system stops working, it’s time to get a new one. Get your shit together people.

Educate yourself. Be better. Do better. Let’s do it together.

That’s just my opinion.

Worthless Parents


I am not super into Holidays. But it was Thanksgiving yesterday, so I thought I would give a little thanks to the people who raised me. Thanks Ma and Pa! I am one of the lucky ones, I have sweet, supportive parents, I am not blind to the privilege that gives me in life.

Parents aren’t perfect, they do the best they can with what they are given. Do I believe that some people should never pro create? Yes, yes I do. But let’s try to not hold that against everyone. I think we learn as much from our parents failures as we do from what they’ve done right by us. Think about it, you have a lazy parent you could either be lazy too OR you could work your ass off to never be that lazy. Maybe your parents had a bad break up and you lived in a broken home. You may make sure you have the perfect relationship before you get married OR you might never marry because of it OR if you do end up in a relationship that doesn’t work out, maybe you handle the split better than your parents did.


There are a million factors that make us who we are, let’s not begrudge the ones who raised us because they are not perfect, neither are we. I understand as much as anyone that this point could be argued with me and I may even argue with myself, however, once we are adults we’re in control of us. Kids are the ones who have it rough, they can’t help themselves nor have any control over how they are being raised. Yes, this can have a negative effect on how a youth grows up. Once you are old enough to work and care for yourself you make the choices about what type of person you want to be.If you had shitty parents, make better choices than they did, be a better person. If you had everything handed to you (which I am considering a flaw), then make sure you remember to not be an asshole to the people who have to work their asses of to get what they have. Everyone struggles with the limitations set on them by their parents and I would like to remind you that you do not have to live your life within those boundaries. Reach for the stars homie, reach for those bright shiny stars and be the best of yourself. Regardless of your worthless parents.

That’s just my opinion.

Crawl In a Hole and Die


People die every day and in every kind of way. People get murdered, raped, robbed. They get beat up, fired and harassed. It’s tragic and scary when children get shot up at school and when some children go missing.


People live every day and in every kind of way. People fall in love, make love and give to others. They stand up for what they believe in and succeed against all odds. Children go to school to learn and play with their friends.


That even though there are terrors in the world, there is also much more good to counter. People are so use to living in fear that they forget all the good. People are generally good. Play with your neighbors, build a community, don’t be afraid of the unknown person. We as a collective of human beings need to remember that we are the majority and that the 1% would crumble if we all realized what that power means.

We need to find that thing that ponds us all as a team. I’m open for suggestions. Let’s cause a revolution or crawl in a whole and die.


That’s just my opinion.