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Common Sense Tangent


Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow, who raised you?” I know I think that often. This piggy backs on my entitlement tangent. Why are we raising kids who have no common sense? Why are kids able to use ipads and iphones before they can tie their shoes? Why do we have to tell kids they can’t do the same things as cartoons?

Common sense says, you probably shouldn’t show up to work drunk or on drugs. Common sense should also tell you if you treat people poorly that’s how they will treat you in return. You can’t demand respect if you can’t give respect. Why do people think if they yell and scream at someone they get better results than if they asked politely and were kind?

Why are people so afraid to make their own decisions? If you know you are making the right choice and you can justify it, it’s never wrong. Do what feels right, not what you think society is ok with. If it looks as if someone needs help, do they get help? Or are they passed up because it’s creepy to talk to strangers? Why is it only ok to be neighborly and band together as a group of human beings if there is a natural disaster? But not on a city bus? On a city bus everyone has ear phones in and avoids any eye contact or communication.

Think decisions through, think about your actions,treat others how you would like to be treated, respect your elders and make your own decisions. Be a stronger human being. We need more truly good human beings in this world.

That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage

Being Kind Tangent


Being kind does not take a lot of effort. Although it appears to be an extremely difficult task for a large portion of the population.

Being kind should come as a second nature, however,  now we need to teach kindness to youth. It’s not kind to steal, it is kind to give something to another person. It is not kind to call people names, it is kind to defend someone who is being taunted. It is not kind to physically harm someone, it is kind to give hugs and kisses (if they are wanted). It is not kind to rape, welcomed sex is awesome. It is not kind to ignore someone, it is kind to give someone attention. Maybe someone who has always been ignored. If someone drops something, help them pick it up. If someone is lost, help them find their way. If someone is hungry, feed them. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Expect less from other people and have respect.

It is good to do all these kinds of things without feeling like you deserve something in return. I am the type of person who will fight hard for someone who is being treated wrongly in any way. I would give all I have to other people. All my possessions, all my time and even all my money if they needed it. I believe that the world will thrive if we all just give a little more and expect less. Stop pretending that you need a pat on the back because you did something nice for someone else. Isn’t a sincere “thank you” enough? Isn’t knowing that you made someone’s day better because you were kind enough?

People come in and out of our lives very quickly. If I met someone for one day, I want that person to think the best things about me. That I listen without judgement, I encourage, I laugh and smile. I don’t ever want to meet someone and have a bad first impression because that might be their only impression of me.

There should be no rewards for being kind. Other than that feeling you get when you feel you’ve done the right thing.

Damn it, be kind. That’s just my opinion.

– The Street Sage

Working Tangent


I hear in other countries they work less. It’s said that almost anywhere else in the world, besides the United States, that days of rest and vacation are encouraged. In some countries you can get free health care, mothers can get up to a year of maternity leave, fathers get maternity leave, you can get a decent amount of vacation hours, etc..

Yes, the US is one of the richest countries. Yes, citizens of the US have a lot more freedoms than some other countries. But are we happy? I think a lot of people have forgotten what it’s like to be surrounded by nature and how to enjoy life. There is a certain kind of peace you get when you slow life down a bit. When you don’t feel like you have to check your phone every 5-7 seconds. We work so hard to afford life we forget to live.

How many people do you know have more than one job? I know I do. I can go months sometimes without having a true day off of work and for what? I still can’t afford any kind of health insurance or a house. People with college degrees are begging to work at fast food restaurants and kids with no work ethic are getting jobs over those people because they are “over qualified”. Obviously they are over qualified and desperately need a job or they wouldn’t be applying….

I want to live somewhere where I can do my work, live comfortably and still have time to play. I want to feel, after I worked a 60 hour work week, that I can go to sleep peacefully at night. We work and work and work and for what?

I’m tired of working my ass of to barely get by in life. I wish I had a solution for us.

That’s just my opinion.                                                                                                                                                                                                    – The Street Sage