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Working Tangent


I hear in other countries they work less. It’s said that almost anywhere else in the world, besides the United States, that days of rest and vacation are encouraged. In some countries you can get free health care, mothers can get up to a year of maternity leave, fathers get maternity leave, you can get a decent amount of vacation hours, etc..

Yes, the US is one of the richest countries. Yes, citizens of the US have a lot more freedoms than some other countries. But are we happy? I think a lot of people have forgotten what it’s like to be surrounded by nature and how to enjoy life. There is a certain kind of peace you get when you slow life down a bit. When you don’t feel like you have to check your phone every 5-7 seconds. We work so hard to afford life we forget to live.

How many people do you know have more than one job? I know I do. I can go months sometimes without having a true day off of work and for what? I still can’t afford any kind of health insurance or a house. People with college degrees are begging to work at fast food restaurants and kids with no work ethic are getting jobs over those people because they are “over qualified”. Obviously they are over qualified and desperately need a job or they wouldn’t be applying….

I want to live somewhere where I can do my work, live comfortably and still have time to play. I want to feel, after I worked a 60 hour work week, that I can go to sleep peacefully at night. We work and work and work and for what?

I’m tired of working my ass of to barely get by in life. I wish I had a solution for us.

That’s just my opinion.                                                                                                                                                                                                    – The Street Sage


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